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Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

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Plastic straws epitomize environmental issues associated with single-use plastics, causing pollution and endangering marine life. Their non-biodegradable nature exacerbates environmental problems, contributing to climate change. The imperative shift to biodegradable alternatives offers a sustainable solution, alleviating the impact of plastic waste on ecosystems and wildlife. This blog delves into the top 10 biodegradable straw manufacturers that are making a significant impact on the global effort to reduce plastic pollution.

Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturers in the World

1. Sumkoka

Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

Sumkoka established in 2012, is a leading Chinese manufacturer specializing in eco-friendly bagasse tableware. With a 49,000 square meter facility and over 450 employees, they export high-quality, biodegradable products worldwide. 

The SUMKOKA Brand is renowned for its organic, earth-friendly materials. With a decade of experience, customized solutions, a professional team, and quick responses, SUMKOKA aims to contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet and foster long-term partnerships.

Website: https://www.sumkoka.com/

Founded Year: 2012

Address: 188, Qianshan Road, Shushan Dist., Hefei, Anhui, China(Mainland)

Products range:

  • Sugarcane Clamshell

  • Bagasse Plates

  • Sugarcane Cups

  • Bagasse Lid

  • Bagasse Tray

  • Bagasse Bowl

  • Sugarcane Straws 

  • Bagasse Cutlery

  • Bagasse Dishes

2. Aardvark Paper Drinking Straws

Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

Founded in 1888 by Marvin Stone, Aardvark is the original paper straw manufacturer. Stone's innovative spirit lives on as Aardvark reintroduced paper straws in 2007, addressing the anti-plastic movement. 

Acquired by Hoffmaster Group, Inc. in 2018, Aardvark offers sustainable, FDA-compliant paper straws made in the USA. Widely available globally, their customizable straws provide an eco-friendly solution for businesses and individuals.

Website: https://aardvarkstraws.com/

Founded Year: 1888

Address: 7310 Innovation Blvd, Ft Wayne, IN 46818

Products range:







3. Straw by Straw

Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

Straw by Straw is a horeca supplier specializing in eco-friendly, natural straws made from 100% natural materials like reed and wheat. Available at wholesale stores such as Hanos, Bidfood, Sligro, and Scanwic, their mission is to combat single-use plastics. 

They believe in sustainable alternatives without compromising quality or aesthetics. With a promise of going sustainable one straw at a time, they challenge the need for plastic straws when natural alternatives exist. Their products include reed and wheat straws, offering a plastic-free, eco-friendly option for horeca professionals seeking quality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Website: https://strawbystraw.com/

Founded Year: 2016

Address: Oudeschans 85 III, 1011 KW Amsterdam, Netherlands

Products range:

  • Reed Straws

  • Wheat Straws 

4. The Other Straw

Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

The Other Straw, founded by Jamie-Lee and Lennart in 2018, addresses the plastic pollution crisis with their bamboo straws. Having kept over 43 million plastic straws out of oceans since 2018, the company promotes a less wasteful lifestyle. 

Committed to sustainability, they expanded their product range and aim to be climate positive by 2025. Using bamboo, a fast-growing, organic, and versatile plant, they ensure ethical production and carbon neutrality. The company donates sales proceeds to environmental groups, maintains zero waste practices, and supports local communities in Vietnam. Their vision is a plastic-free world.

Website: https://theotherstraw.com/

Founded Year: 2018

Address: PO Box 261, Rye 3941, Australia

Products range:

  • Bamboo Straw

  • Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Coconut Bowls

  • Bamboo Cutlery


Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

Direct Eco Green, based in Vietnam for over 7 years, is a pioneer in eco-friendly packaging solutions. Focused on eradicating plastic, the company champions sustainable practices in food, cosmetics, and bag manufacturing. By collaborating closely with local factories, they ensure direct involvement in design and manufacturing, fostering trusted partnerships. 

Committed to ethical values, they prioritize environmentally conscious materials and work with small, local producers. Certified by organizations like FSC, their dedication to sustainability extends from material choice to working conditions, offering high-quality, innovative, and eco-responsible packaging solutions. 

Website: https://directecogreen.com/

Founded Year: more than 7 years

Address: 3rd floor, 187 Dien Bien Phu Street, Dakao ward, District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Products range:

  • Disposable Cutlery

  • Disposable Cups

  • Bagasse Plates

  • Disposable Straws

6. Footprint

Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

Footprint, established in 2014 and based in Gilbert, Arizona, is a global leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing plant-based fiber solutions. Their innovations, including a successful plastic straw alternative, have contributed to over a billion straws sold since 2019. 

With a mission to eradicate single-use plastics, their patented formulas and innovative manufacturing processes transform industries like supermarkets and quick-service restaurants. Their dedicated team of 90+ engineers works tirelessly across seven sectors to create disruptive, plastic-free products, aligning with the vision to reduce global reliance on single-use plastics. 

Website: https://www.footprintus.com/

Founded Year: 2014

Address: Gilbert, Arizona, USA

Products range:

  • Paper Straws

7. Canada Brown Eco Products Ltd

Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

Founded in 2018, Canada Brown Eco Products is a leader in eco-friendly products and packaging in North America. Dedicated to replacing single-use plastic with sustainable materials, the company collaborates with brands and distributors across North America & the Caribbean. 

Specializing in sturdy, FDA-compliant paper straws, they promote environmentally friendly alternatives. Services include on-demand supply contracts, custom printed design, warehousing, and logistics planning. With a commitment to a circular economy, Canada Brown ensures a seamless transition for clients, offering private label options, competitive prices, and quick lead times on bulk quantities of eco-friendly paper straws.

Website: https://www.canadabrown.com/

Founded Year: 2018

Address: 77 City Centre Dr, Suite #501 East Tower, Mississauga L5B 1M5, ON, Canada.

Products range:

  • Shopping Bags

  • Cups

  • Coasters

  • Coffee Sleeves

  • Napkins

  • Takeout Containers

  • Paper Straws

  • Pizza Boxes

8. Stroodles

Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

Stroodles offers a revolutionary line of 100% biodegradable and edible tableware. Their pasta straws, made from wheat and water, are not only eco-friendly but durable, lasting over an hour in drinks without altering taste. Beyond straws, Stroodles offers an extensive range of edible tableware, including spoons, plates, bowls, and cups made from natural ingredients like biscuits and wheat bran. 

Committed to sustainability, Stroodles aims to transform single-use plastics into zero-waste, inspiring consumers to make small changes for a greener future.

Website: https://stroodles.co.uk/

Founded Year: 2018

Address: 85 Great Portland Street, 1st Floor, London, W1W 7LT

Products range:

  • Pasta Straws

  • Edible Spoons

  • Edible plates and bowls

  • Edible Cups

9.  Eco Green Straws

Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

Eco Green Straws is a global supplier on a mission to eliminate plastic straws, offering eco-friendly alternatives. With a commitment to environmental impact, they provide wheat, grass, kraft, sugarcane, and rice straws. These compostable options, including gluten-free wheat and nature-friendly grass straws, contribute to a plastic-free planet.

Partnering with leading producers ensures quality at affordable prices. The kraft straws, with heat-sealed technology, are taste-free and fully recyclable. Sugarcane straws are plant-based and require no industrial composting. Rice straws, made from rice flour and tapioca starch, add a festive touch to any occasion.

Website: https://www.ecogreenstraws.com/

Founded Year: 2019

Address: New South Wales, Sydney

Products range:

  • Grass straws

  • Wheat straws

  • Kraft paper straws

  • Sugarcane straws

  • Rice straws


Top 10 Biodegradable Straw Manufacturer in the World

Aiming to combat plastic pollution, Frogut introduces eco-friendly solutions like grass straws made from Lepironia articulata in the Mekong Delta. With 80% of ocean plastic originating from land, their naturally harvested, chemical-free straws offer an alternative to plastic, promoting environmental consciousness. 

Beyond grass straws, they also provide biodegradable and compostable items, fostering a sustainable lifestyle. Their products, handpicked by local farmers, contribute to the ecological balance. Additionally, rice flour-based straws, enhanced with tapioca starch and natural dyes, offer durability.

Website: https://frogut-bio.pl/

Founded Year: 2002

Address: ul. Ksawerów 20/2, 02-656 Warszawa

Products range:

  • Grass straws

  • Rice straws

Future Trends in Biodegradable Straw Industry

The biodegradable straw market is expected to grow due to increased environmental awareness, driven by concerns about plastic pollution. Regulatory support, with anticipated tightening of regulations on single-use plastics, is set to boost demand. Consumer preferences are shifting towards sustainable choices, favoring biodegradable straws among environmentally conscious individuals. The market is expected to expand beyond the food and beverage industry, reaching sectors like hospitality, events, and airlines.


The shift towards biodegradable straws is a positive step in the global effort to reduce plastic waste and protect our environment. These top 10 biodegradable straw manufacturers are paving the way for a more sustainable future, offering eco-friendly alternatives that not only benefit businesses but also contribute to the well-being of our planet. Take the first step towards a sustainable future by incorporating biodegradable straws into your inventory.

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